Indian Thali in Sukkara

Indian Thali in Sukkara

Last Sunday I went to a lovely place with a friend of mine, the restaurant is called ‘Cafe Sukkara’. It’s not entirely vegan cafe but I think most of menus are vegan or veggie 🌱

The thing I loved about the restaurant is that they open local veggie market inside the restaurant and help people to buy many local and organic vegetables. And they use them for they foods so although the restaurant is quite expensive I thought it’s absolutely worth it. 🙏

And on the menu they explain where the ingredients came from and who grow them. It was very interesting to me, because it makes me more conscious about what I am eating now and feel appreciated! .
Cafe Sukkara is located nearby Hapjeong station and by the old theater ‘Sanulim’. Maybe you can go to Sukkara for lunch and enjoy a play 😊

The menu I tried was an india food ‘Tali’. They used seasonal and colorful veggies and lots of spices for this plate and honestly it was the best india curry I’ve had in Korea! 😊 .
I used to live with a friend who has the best Indian curry maker mama and I’d tried his mama’s curry few times so I know what is really good Indian curry but Tali in Sukkara was really good! .
Cafe Sukkara said that they decided to add international menu. Since this year people can’t really travel easily, instead people can enjoy other countries’ nice foods in Sukkara! What a lovely idea 🥰 I love that

It’s vegan and has so variety of nice flavor in one plate. If you are a fan of Indian food I bet you’d love it 🥳💛


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